The rest of my work.
As an innate perfectionist, I am constantly striving to improve my skillset and further my creativity. The following is a collection of work I’ve done off the clock, as I explore my personal style.

The desire to create does not stop simply because the timer does.

I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember.

I am in continuous pursuit of my own, elusive, personal style. As a young twenty something, self-discovery has been a major point of growth for me in the past few years.

I’m constantly asking myself, who am I? What matters to me? And how do I want to represent myself? Through embarking upon the eternal process of answering these questions, I’ve found the resulting insights allow me to create work that feels more like me.

to measure

Only by being honest with myself am I able to create honest work.

By examining past creations, I’ve found that my personal style always existed, evolving in tandem with my personality. As I grow more and more cognizant of my self, I am excited to discover how my essence is reflected in my work.