The rest of my work.
Nexio, a CMS financial dashboard, needed a fresh UI to attract new users. I was assigned lead designer to bring my unique perspective to the project and design a style guide for the visual updates to be implemented responsively.

Financial insights don’t have to be difficult to interpret.

Innovation starts with understanding.

The first thing I do when tasked with a redesign, especially for a product as dense as a financial dashboard, is to dive deep into understanding the experience of the platform. Quickly perceiving user experience, I intuitively discover the most efficient ways to use a product.

The biggest challenge with Nexio was deciphering a clear hierarchy. It took time to discern the relationships between different information due to the large amount of numerical data.
After doing a thorough audit of Nexio’s product, I chose to redesign the platform promoting consolidation. There were several instances where information was duplicated or proved extraneous to the task at hand.

Redesigning the platform served as an exercise to fuel decision-making for the style guide, which is most successful when considering the elements as parts of a whole.

Consolidate, championing intuition.

Consistency expedites implementation.

Championing the design decisions made with the team at Nexio, I created a detail-oriented style guide, allowing their engineers to implement the new UI without having to recreate the entire platform.