The rest of my work.
Growing up a competitive alpine skier, I resonated with the Picabo Street Academy’s vision of providing an exceptional, individualized education to students with extra-curricular passions. It was an honor to be the designer chosen to further develop their brand.

Transforming a school emblem into a dynamic digital presence.

Building the foundation of a legacy.

Abundant with passion, the school had a clear vision and mission but lacked an identity. The only brand elements the school had was the school’s emblem and a simplified version bearing only the name. It was my responsibility to expand upon the two assets, creating a wholistic brand and website.

Examining the existing elements of each asset, I drew inspiration from the most successful parts. Drawn to the dynamism of the blue horizontal lines, I decided to explore the idea of bold, angular movement, symbolizing the innovation of the school’s academic model.
Building upon the brand guide, I shifted my focus to translating all executed decisions into a successful digital presence. The biggest challenges I faced were finding an appealing treatment for the heavy amounts of copy, and utilizing design to deter from the lack of professional photography.

Establishing growth through subtle movement.

Everything has a meaning.

Throughout this project, I ensured each decision was met with deep thought regarding the impact it would have with the school’s varying audiences. The brand had to feel light and inviting, appealing to current and prospective students, while maintaining simplicity and gravity to attract parents. All of this had to be done while promoting the school’s values, vision and mission.