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With only a month to design & launch the site, I was assigned this project due to my extensive knowledge of the ski industry. Snofolio is a start-up changing snowsports education, and was in need of a website to simply convey their product.

An innovative snowsports startup desiring an equally unique website.

Good design tells a story.

The most prominent constraint with Snofolio was time. Immediately I asked myself, what can I do to make this site unique, quickly? I began by stripping down the copy, editing and organizing it to tell a clear, concise story.

From there I took a closer look at the product and asked, how can I explain this without words? As a result, I incorporated colored clouds as visual elements to represent Snofolio’s unparalleled cloud storage. This, paired with abundant white space, gives the user a feeling of being lightweight, existing in the perfect snowstorm.
This was my first site as lead designer, where I was given full autonomy to push my creativity. I’m still learning all of the nuances to web design, and even though it’s only been a year since launch, I already have many things I’d do differently.

One thing remains the same, and I find this often the case with my work: the concepts behind the designs are solid, yet execution is further improved through iteration.

Fueled by creativity's mind game.